June 21, 2018

Inviting People to Your mocktastic Team

How to add people to your newly created mocktastic team.

Never heard of Mocktastic before? Well, Mocktastic is a cross platform, downloadable, GUI desktop application, which allows you to easily mock up any REST API without having to write a single line of code. Anybody can create a mock API server, and then share it with their team, so the entire team can use it. Click here to know more!
Inviting People to Your mocktastic Team

In the last post, we saw how to create a new team on mocktastic, so you can start seamlessly collaborating with your dev team. Continuing from there, today let's talk about inviting people to your team.

So let's go back to John, who is our Admin on the team. He's now created a new team for us, but he still has to add us onto the team.

Here's how John can add a person to the team:

  • John identifies the team he wishes to add the team members to, and clicks the 'Edit' button. [2]
  • Once John clicks the 'Edit' button, the team page opens up.
  • John clicks the 'Add New Member' button [4], and a new page opens up.
  • John now types in the member's email address [5a], selects their role [5b] (more about roles in the next post - it's coming out soon!), and clicks the 'Add Team Member' button [5c].
  • The new member is now added to the team [6], and this is reflected in the team page. They will get an email from Mocktastic, and following the instructions in the email, they create their own Mocktastic account and join the team.

That's it. Now you can open the mocktastic desktop app, login with your email by going to the Account -> Login menu, and once you've successfully logged in, mocktastic will start notifying you about the mock API servers your team has setup and shared. You can now sync these servers with just two clicks.

We'll talk more about syncing servers in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned for that!

[Edit (12/9/2018): Screenshots have been updated to reflect changes to the mocktastic dashboard]